more than the usual christmas break

it’s christmas break once again, a very good time to enjoy the holidays and soak up the christmas-y breeze. for the busy bee, this is also a good time to do some work that doesn’t exactly require much “work”, more like recreational stuff, i guess, and working while relaxing, if there is such a thing.

the day after school ended for the holidays, i realized that i don’t really do much aside from schoolwork. why and how? when i was just watching t.v., i got this urge to pick up that science book in front of me and advance read. 

like whaaaat????!

i decided that this christmas break, i’m gonna continue learning, but without the use of textbooks, like actually experiencing things. if one works too much, one could suffer brain damages.

okay, so here are some things i want to achieve in the span of two weeks:
 learn to sing two songs: amazing grace and all alone 
 do some stretching so i could get taller and be somewhere nearer to achieving a split
writing in my diary a lot
 exploring the net
 cleaning my room once and for all!
 last but not the least, the most important thing actually, HAVING FUN!

so, yeah. i’m gonna get to it!
merry christmas


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