when is one a playboy?

playboys. sigh. aren’t they those heartless insensitive jerks who collect girls and even have more than one “relationship” at a time? okay, so we all know that part of it. my question is the bounds of it? when can we safely say that one is a playboy?

what if a guy just happens to like a girl. it also just happens that she isn’t the first one and that she wasn’t the first to hear the words she heard. is one automatically a playboy? the guy doesn’t two time. he also shows care and concern. is he collecting or did he just fall in love with all of them?

he doesn’t force himself into anything, but… 


i’m totally lost. to trust your gut or to trust your heart? the bounds of a term like playboy isn’t exactly clear. 

now, if we were all picky, thinking before each and every step, then nothing would happen to anyone, huh? if this is how we will view it, then no one will ever love, no one will ever listen to their heart. 

what’s your view? what do you think of this?


2 thoughts on “when is one a playboy?”

  1. Playboys make it a point to count all the girls they’ve “been with”

    Boys that aren’t much like playboys but devote themselves entirely to innocent flirting with other girls are hopeless romantics. They force themselves to find love in every girl they believe has it. Thus, never knowing it’s true meaning.

    BUT, if you have that feeling where [for example] it takes 5 minutes of screaming in your head, trying to believe that the guy you fancy texted you, looked at you or smiled at you, even for a second, it’s almost your closest bet to believe it’s “love”

    No one finds love smashing in front of their faces. So make your own kind of list that contains the stuff you feel when “this and that” makes an appearance or when “so and so” talks to you, and etc. =)) Compare them and see what comes up.



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