i’m doomed

okay, so for the first time ever, i shall make a post filled with my ranting. this is a tribute to my friend marielle also known as rukama here in the wordpress world. please forgive my wrong punctuation, grammar, and capitalization. i’m way too stressed out to look at any of that. so i’m already assuming a lot of the things in this blog are going to be wrong.

ack. i just feel really doomed okay? 

why do schools have so many subjects in their curriculum? i feel like a thin piece of paper about to be torn apart because there are lots of subjects fighting for my attention. i thought the fourth grading is supposed to be really smooth sailing and the time where you basically do nothing much academic. oh yeah right. think again. it’s the complete opposite. there are so many new lessons. we didn’t even discuss these things in grade school. so i completely have no idea with these things. my math anxiety is kicking in. i seriously don’t understand anything. i’m even worse at it (this applies to all subjects) when i’m sleepy. i cant think straight when i’m sleepy. but i’m always sleepy, even when i do get enough sleep, that’s kinda rare though. 

it also seems that my motivation is somehow not as effective anymore. you know, my power to motivate myself. there used to be this driving force for me to do my best. i think it’s on vacation again. anyway, even when i do my best, the situation probably wouldn’t be far from the current one. the only difference is that i’d have a reason to do all this and that i’d feel empowered to. good thing that doing my best is already a part of me, or else i would be even more doomed. 

the http://cakewalks.wordpress.com is due today, and yet we are far from the required number of comments, views, and fans. nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! i did my best, but it just wont pull through

i got lots to do. it’s 1:30 am. i’m ranting to my blog… 

i am soo looking forward to summer. i have so many plans to unfold. 

i can’t rest on the last week of school yet. exemptions for the periodical tests are to be released this week. i’m a candidate for exemption for each one of them except math, the subject where i need it the most. i hope i get exempted. fourth quarter is really hard. initially, i planned to take them all in an attempt to raise my grade. but apparently, the lessons are so hard. i might just pull my grades down taking the test or retain them… so i made the decision not to take them in the even that i do get exempted. let me exempted in science and english, please? i really need it there. the lessons are not only hard in the fourth quarter, there are also a lot of topics covered. 

wish me luck.

lots of love,

migiaj x3


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