doomed? an update

yay! i’m exempted in all the the subjects 😀 except MATH, my waterloo. gosh, i can’t get anything there. 

today, exemptions were announced. i got soo excited that i forgot to check what grade column i’m looking at. i just assumed they were all the same. okay, NOT. turns out, the only thing i got is my general average for each of the subjects. GREAT. then, i thought of this very amazing wonderful extraordinary supercalifragalisticexpialidotious idea (i’m being sarcastic, of course). since i had my third grading report card with me, i decided to solve for my fourth grading grades. in short, i used the solving for x in a linear one variable equation lesson from MATH. wooow. well, i hope it’s correct and that i used it correctly. i mastered that skill anyway. i’m really happy with the results i got. i hope they’re correct, though. one of them is just too good to be true. oh well, can’t do anything now. i signed the exemptions paper already. awww, i wish they gave us at least a night to think about it. well, for most it’s an easy decision, really. i hope i did the right thing.

good thing math is on the last day. i’ve got a two day vacation to study all of it. i also promised to the Lord that i would go to church every day until the testing day for a mass or at least a visit. i’m really nervous about it. 😐 Lord, please help me! my class standing in math is so lowwwwwwww, seriously low. i don’t wanna say goodbye to my eagle and everything else i worked for this year. giving of report cards is on april 8 while summer workshops start on april 5, right after holy week which starts right after school ends.

after this it’s summer which i’m having a hard time thinking about since i learned of my math class standing. i can’t slip this time. i NEED this. summer? i’d be in workshop mondays to fridays just like school 😀 only more fun (waaaay, more funnn) :). i’ve really been looking forward to this vacation 🙂 i surely hope it’s fun filled! 

it’s so easy to tell your friends to just forget about some jerk. when you do it yourself, it’s not so easy after all.

may you have a blessed Holy Week

that’s all for now!!!!

goodnight! i’m gonna shower then sleep now.

big day ahead of me tomorrow, you know!

it’s gonna start with the morning mass then i’m gonna get those numbers right!


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