where shall i put my compositions?

hello there! well, if anyone is reading this simple blog of mine then i must commend you. i know it’s probably not that interesting to read some random teenager’s blog about the things on her mind without even her editing. well, it’s just that this blog is dedicated to exactly that. you’ll see what it’s like to be in my shoes. i don’t draft my posts here. they come straight out from the brain than to this typing space.

i have some real compositions i wanna publish somewhere. shall i make a blogger? shall i make a separate page for it here in this blog? but then it would not be given so much attention. if i just put them on the same page as all these others, then the viewers would be distracted and confused with what i write here. shall i make it a separate blog here in wordpress? that’s the most logical one, i guess since the writings would be so different from what i have here. that’s what my favorite author sophie kinsella did. her sophie novels are so different from her others that she puts them under a separate name.


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