real life camp rock

i watched camp rock once at my aunt’s house. i thought it was really unrealistic, everyone being that talented in an actual summer camp without professional actors. well, now i know that IT IS POSSIBLE.

we recently had our talent day at the repertory philippines workshop. i felt like gawking at almost everyone. they were all just so good. i didn’t even know such talent existed. that’s when it came back to me. i feel as i’m in camp rock! the singing, the dancing, learning about the stage stuff, oh and of course don’t ever forget the friends and the fun. 

i’ve had so much fun. the only downside to this is the schedule, i guess. it’s kinda tiring. mondays to fridays, just like school only better. i also get a ten minute “jog”, hahaha! it also provides physical activity, so yeah! 

i hope this only keeps getting better. i’m looking forward to our production. it’s on may 27 🙂

twenties girl by sophie kinsella

oh my! i enjoyed this book so much. it’s as awesome as my favorite book ever, can you keep a secret also by sophie kinsella. i love reading her books. 

when i realized it’s a ghost story, i was scared, but no! it’s a laugh out loud story. it’s totally great. modern meets twenties.

hunger games by suzzane collins

i’ve been reading it from a friend of mine, every time i go to her place. it’s so addictive!!!! they were right. i has an amazing plot. maybe i could by the book myself if it wasn’t so expensive. 

report card day

awful. i don’t know what happens to me. i put in the same effort and same enthusiasm every time. i do my best. i exert so much effort. i guess that’s just the way it is. well, i’ve got three more years to, right?  i hope i have more luck on the next years, the important years. i’m gonna try not to think of it and just focus on the present.

don’t let your past define your future.

ate jazzie’s debut

i’m so excited! it’s already on sunday. after all those weeks of practicing, it’s finally gone be happening. the gown and the dance costume i’m gonna wear is already with me! i hope it will be a success. i wish her all the best. even if i’m not that close to the other members of the cotilion, i still think some kind of bond has been formed. maybe i’ll miss practicing every sunday. it.

we’re gonna do 7 dances. waltz, modern, reggae, swing, tango, and the others. i forgot what they’re called.

summer’s been great so far. looking forward for the rest of it. maybe i’ll eventually get some time to rest.


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