maintaining cakewalks

if you’ve been reading my blog (i commend you for that), then you would now about . it started as an assignment for cle but i had always intended maintaining it. even before the assignment was given, i always dreamed of spreading God’s word. i just never had the guts to do it because i know it takes hard work and i was worried no one would go to it anyway. i jumped at the assignment. while it was a lot of work spreading the word about it and putting my thoughts into writing, i thought this was my chance to fulfill my dream. i even had future plans for it like making the message lighter and the blog as a whole more lifestyle-ish so that more people could relate to it. 

apparantly, it takes more work and commitment than what i had prepared for especially since my schedule (yes, even this summer) is jam packed. i didn’t neglect God completely and stop going to mass, no! i just had not found the opportunity to blog there. i already wrote two articles for it on paper, but i had yet to type it. 

i’m not giving up though. i already got subscribers! i will continue this!


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