heyyo, a lot’s happened since  i last posted here. summer ended, school started, and everything in between. i’ve had lots of realizations and revelations. i can safely say i know more about the world now.

before summer ended, i have already chosen the path i want to take for the rest of my life. i’m gonna be a lawyer! i wanna take political science. i also had to make some other hard decisions. i’m sticking with them. i hope they are right. i hope i won’t regret them. i hope i will be blessed enough to achieve my goals. hopefully, God has heard my plea. if not, then maybe it’s just not for me… *sigh

i finally pushed through with my long planned plan of joining the debate club! i got screened yesterday. i hope i pass so i could get some training and get sent to inter-school competitions.

for the screening, we were given important issues and we have to speak about it on the spot on top of a table (the table part was fun XD ).

i liked my topic. my speech wasn’t as organized and complete as i wanted it to be, but i think it’s forgivable since the whole thing was impromptu and i have never received any training in debate. that and i was shaking like the whole time on my seat XD. i thought i was gonna back out, but i faced it just as i had any other fear. i was so scared. whether i pass or not, it was all worth it. some people gave me advice on how i could’ve made it better, and i’ll surely follow them when i get the chance. they say my being a thespian helped tooo 😀 so yeah, no regrets! weee!

that’s all for now. i have quizzes tomorrow.


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