august 19, 2010

whooo! today, the first quarter has officially ended with the cle and biology periodical tests. aaah! or has it? we still have to submit some first quarter stuff tomorrow (which i haven’t done, well.. give me a break. it’s only 5:19). i think i sort of deserve to be lazy today. after all, i did make it through those brain bleeding cramming, studying, memorizing, analyzing, test taking moments. i feel so relieved. i actually thought today that i was gonna go mad. my brain was about to melt or something. it wasn’t only the test. in fact, the test days are one of the most relaxing times for me because all you have to do is to study and show up for the test compared to the stress one faces during normal days when there are presentations, projects, tests, homeworks, and many more.

sleep deprived, but i don’t feel like sleeping.

the whole first quarter experience thing has made me like this. i felt so paranoid all the time. something bad happened during my freshmen year. i don’t think my conscience is forgiving me for it because if it has, it would allow me to chill. i’ve been so worried of having a repeat, being so grade conscious and all, bothering my friends. sigh. truth is, it hasn’t really done much for me, except maybe for the occasional heart attack, breakdown, and constant sadness and paranoia. well, my fate is in my Lord’s hands. whatever will be, will be and i can’t do anything about it.

why worry, right? well, my problem doesn’t exactly end there. i have to get this habit out of my system. “EAGLES SHED NEW FEATHERS” hahhahah! my augustinian friends will get the last part. lol.

a voice inside me tells me to do some advance reading. then again, i already feel like i’m gonna go crazy. that’s not exactly gonna help. my trip to the mall with patricia and brigitte (who is on vacation here. i haven’t seen her since she left for the states some time ago) got moved. sigh. i wish i were with some friends right now. we’d have fun and all.

my plans for today:

  • science portfolio
  • sing
  • fix some poetry
  • blog
  • publish some poetry
  • sleep
  • swim

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