whenever you talk to me, you make me feel so special

you make me sound perfect. you make me seem like an angel fallen from above. i know i’m far from that. oftentimes i can be such a bitch.

you met me at the worst time in my life. it was a time i felt so ugly, stupid, and useless. unlike for most days, i didn’t care about my appearance anymore. you saw every bit of my ugliness. you saw me stressed. you saw every detail of my unmade face. you saw every whitehead, every line, every pimple, every discoloration. you saw how i naturally act under pressure, un thinking, always ranting. you saw me be mean. you saw the worst in me.

what did you do? even my friends say i dont deserve you. oh, what have i done to deserve an angel like you? you took me in your arms, accepted me for every bit of who i am, and loved me. once again, you opened my broken heart. i didn’t wanna let you in to glue the pieces, but my insides have forced me.

love comes unexpectedly. who would’ve thought. you can never anticipate it’s coming. but when it does, there’s no turning back.




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