january 3, 2010

apparantly, i can not stay in bed the whole day without sleeping the whole day. trust me. i tried. i thought it would just be awesome, lying in bed, daydreaming, maybe watching some tv. what more with the weather being this way, cool enough to go without an air conditioner or electric fan.  so i have to actually get started on some things i have to do and set the mood for until school ends.

i promise to be more diligent and hardworking. also, i shall keep track of my life through a diary/blogs. i figured it would come in handy one day. 🙂

okay, so for tomorrow… i’m wondering if we have a flag ceremony. pt scores the whole day, so i at least dont have to bring all my stuff plus cooking stuff! i’m really nervous about my scores. well, who isn’t right? i failed to give my friends their gifts during the christmas party, so tonight, i shall be labeling, wrapping, or at least labeling, and maybe even making letters. i have to learn how to cook the Chinese cuisine recipe i have for tomorrow for smooth flow. last but not the least, i need to organize my notebooks/fillers/clearbooks, etc. i failed to do so last time and it was kinda hard.

i don’t know if elaborating on my fear of my pt scores will make me feel better or remind me of everything i’ve been trying to escape from for the last two weeks.


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