2011 is starting out really rocky for me, but i’m glad to say that i’ve been experiencing progress!

  • i blog more often now 🙂 here and tumblr
  • i still write on my diary.
  • i’ve been writing poems and poems. maybe if i didn’t have anything else to do i could keep writing ’til my head is completely out of words. poetry gives me an outlet for feelings i can not even express in writing, not even in a private diary. poetry allows me to express what i could not even think of. too bad i can’t really post any of them here. they’re too private. well, i shall post some poems soon, the ones which are not so locked up in my heart and scandalous (lol).
  • i’m more productive and i procrastinate less.
  • i’m more motivated/optimistic now for some reason, even if the world seems to be against my happiness.
  • i can eat quite normally when i’m not sad.
  • i ran 5k! running is so much fun.
  • my planner is updated.
  • i have cleaned up my room a bit 🙂

i just remembered it’s tuesday today. cooking, flag ceremony, and history personified later 🙂


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