it’s all next week!!!!!!

big realization for today: coronation night is next week!!!!!!!

it’s on thursday actually. i soo felt the practice today! gown fittings, photoshoot, production numbers practices!!!! blaaahh!!!! well, i don’t really feel the pressure YET, and i’m not letting it get to my head. this week ’till the next and most likely until the second week of march would be pretty much like hell. i can so do this! yes, i am staying positive! i’ve been happy for the last few days (what with the fair days and orosman at zafira play and everything to look forward to), but my happiness has been slightly weighed down by requirements and tests, and well, scores…. dan dan dan!!!!

i won’t really be in class the whole week next week, so i’m guessing i should do some work and studying in advance, so it wouldn’t be so hard and all to catch up. grrr!!!! i need to do my tle project, assign research roles (i’m not gonna be there for the presentation), plan exhibits, trailers, english play! i also have to do my report on orosman and zafira soon or else i could forget about it. i must also document the days that have passed. blah. so many things  i want to do. let’s not forget about the articles to submit for insights.

but hey you know what? i’m really inspired these days! optimistic too! i know i can do this! i will straighten out my life! it’s not too late. i got two more years, and i hope i’m exaggerating how much i screwed up this year.

i’m actually happy my head ached so much after the social studies long test. it means i’m using my brain muscles again, they’re working, and i shall try to do this INTENSIFIED PA!

remember i’m gonna be there again. don’t forget about me. i’m still me. i’m the girl with the amazing drive. as long as i got it (which i do now), i can do this.



new pamangkin!

my cousin lee ann just gave birth to a beautiful boy named austin.

super messed up thoughts

what’s new right? XDDD


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