hello, month of march :)

goodbye february! hello, march! and what a great way to start the month, with a blog entry!

everything has been stressing me as of the moment. things don’t go your way. people disappoint. and things change.

that is why i am so excited for the summer! this summer is bound to be epic! it will start off with the america trip. after two nights in san francisco, i shall be on the plane to enjoy las vegas and onto the baja, mexico cruise. then off to los angeles and of course, san francisco. i might even go to florida or hawaii during the latter part of the trip! typing all that just made me so much more excited about those! the trip this year is short though, because i plan on attending math classes for the latter part of summer. geom, here i come! 0.o

i think what i am most excited about is the baja mexico cruise. riding on a cruise ship with wonderful amenities, seeing new sights, being on water πŸ™‚ that just brings me joy. i hope i can find some beach to go to.

bb. csa

bb. csa caused me a lot of stress, but i’d still recommend the experience to anyone! i had a wonderful time (though that is not so obvious when bb csa requirements pile on top of everything else, lol). i met new friends (we candidates have been friends, and some officers as well). most of all, i think the experience helped me learn how to work under pressure. you cannot stop smiling when your feet hurt from standing in heels and even when your face starts to shiver because you’ve been holding a smile for too long. it was wonderful πŸ™‚ the totality of it can’t really be described (especially when you still have loads of schoolwork to do after this blog, lol).

i’d say the best feeling is after coronation night when you see all your friends and all those who supported you and when you find out that some people you didn’t really expect actually cheered for you. they make me feel like a winner πŸ™‚

work! work! work!

i’m determined to do well on my last weeks. next year i will make up for my bad sophomore grades πŸ™‚


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