have a break. have a kitkat.

woosh. finally! a four day break!

i’ve been so busy recently that i haven’t even been blogging! instead, ive been resorting to really convenient tweets!

hmm, so many events, so many frustrations have happend since june. sigh. i hope i’m strong enough to stay sane in the midst of all this.

i was so in the mood to write. now, why did i lose that? ugggh, anyways.


today has been the most relaxing day i’ve had since like march. yes, i had stressful moments during the summer. there’s usually always some aspect of my life in need of my worry, be it my family, friends, academics, extra-curriculars, feelings! there’s always always something. yesterday, i had a super cathartic 5 hours of my life and really floaty hours immediately after , so that kinda solved it. i got a four day weekend and was absent today, so that makes 5. haha. i was absent because of so much fatigue and stress the past weeks.

last 2 weeks, i experienced a different kind of exhaustion. that was the most tiring two weeks of my life. when i walked, i faltered! it felt like an accumulation of fatigue that led my body to give up and sleep constantly. oh, my. i hope i can avoid that type of thing in the future. i’d like to note emotional stress is the most exhausting of all. sigh.

today feels awesome tho! i just gave myself a break, even if there’s not much food here. i didnt do anything i have to yet. no worries! its amazing! tomorrow, i shall start studying. i feel very much recovered. i shall be fully recovered by wednesday. im gonna regain my strenght and do everything once again!


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