Driver’s Curse


When I hear this song during my 18 km traffic-filled morning drive, I get reminded on how I should reflect on what I’ve been doing with my life. Yes, I’m still confused. Yes, I’m indecisive. Yes, I’m reactive to things going on.

Several things have called for my reflection during the month of February. Sometimes it all just gets too confusing for me to still believe in something. What would you do if everything you believed in just keeps shattering before your eyes?

Is it right to just cut my losses when I lose my battles? Could I still win the war even if I’ve lost some battles? Am I chasing after impossible dreams? Is something really in store for me if I just work hard enough? How much is enough? Where do I draw the line?

Events have been calling for reflection time and time again. Sometimes, these realizations are too late. What can I still do? I’m a victim of circumstances too.

I haven’t found my niche in this world. I wonder when I would. Would I just stumble upon it after I’ve done everything I initially thought was right? Was I right to let my gut feel take precedence over everything I did?

They call this the Driver’s Curse. It’s when driving alone forces you to overthink and perhaps be over reflective to the point of depression and discontent. As if I didn’t have enough of that yet.


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