unsettling thoughts

Soo… It’s 2:30 am on January 3, well into my Christmas break and my thoughts wouldn’t let me sleep because the obligations I’ve been neglecting suddenly decided that I can’t sleep guilt-free. I feel very disturbed as these thoughts suddenly creep into my brain. I just realised how busy the following months shall be and how I shall cope. I’m obviously not entitled to enjoying my Christmas break as I should, not should I get another break for an indefinite period of time.

Recently, I’ve been so jealous of people who have so much free time. Recently, I went to Starbucks and actually daydreamed of studying there [study as in to do academic work alone]. What would it feel like to have a normal schedule?

Sigh. This type of life is really getting on my nerves now. I am more than burnt out. I’d like to enjoy my holidays and study guilt-free when I need to.


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