Life as a Ferriswheel

Give me a break, universe. I need one. A real one! Can’t I just go for a few months without a hitch?

Oh wait. That already happened. I enjoyed such time when everything was going my way, but I guess it’s that part of the cycle when things need to go downhill. But why, JUST WHY, does everything have to go wrong?!

I guess the cycle of happiness is actually shaped like a circle. Imagine a single car in a ferriswheel, when one is at the top or the peak, the person inside the car has the world, no problems or worries whatsoever. But eventually, the wheel has to turn and the car lower and lower until that person is at the lowest point until the person reaches such point when the car goes starts to go back to the top.

I feel like I have been riding that car. In parallel, in my life, I have observed that there are times when I could wish for absolutely nothing because everything is perfect. That is when I’m on top, as high as the ferriswheel of life could bring me. I breathe in the fresh air and see everything that life has to offer. The view is wonderful. I see lights. Inevitably, the wheel has to move. I shall be brought to a lower stage in life. I start to have problems. I start to make mistakes. Things are good, but they have been better. The wheel brings the car I am contained in to a lower place. More and more problems, worries, and bad thoughts pile up. Eventually everything is too heavy for me to bear. The car seems to stop at the lowest point. There is no wind. There is no view. I can no longer remember what the view looks like from the top. However, also inevitably, the wheel has to make it’s way to the top once again. One by one, problems seems a little lighter. Problems go away. This happens until such time when the ferriswheel car I am contained in once again reaches the peak. I shall be happy again.

It is true that nothing is forever. I should cherish every moment I am passing through because I’m not staying. I’m simply passing through.

The universe does not have a personal vendetta against me. The universe is simply a ferrishweel in which I occupy a single car. That is the reality of it.

The ferriswheel has brought me again to the lowest point, but I am assured things will get better and I would be happy.


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