2015 Was a Good Year Because…

2015 is honestly the worst year I have ever had so far. I spent most of it in misery as I drowned myself with thoughts of self-doubt, negativity, hopelessness, and an impending doom and found my escape in not-so-safe escapist behavior.

About a week ago, I tried my best to do something different and look at the good parts of it by finding happy photos of my year. Tonight I’m going to focus on the positive once again and write the reasons why 2015 was a good year.

2015 was a good year because…

  1. I got rid of the negativity that was dragging me down. Basically, I got rid of toxic people. It was sad at first, but I know it’s for the best.
  2. I don’t have any regrets because I fought for things ’til the very end.
  3. I took on great challenges. I truly pushed myself to the limit. And I actually made it out alive. I was part of the executive committee of an organization, board of directors member of a national tournament, a member of another organization, and an applicant for another.  Last semester, I didn’t have a single General Education class. I also took quantitative and qualitative research methods classes during the same semester. Somehow, I was able to become a College Scholar (something I had previously accepted as something that would never happen in my lifetime) despite being out of class due to Baguio Conventions and other extra-curriculars. I’m happy I did my best and did not compromise any of my obligations.
  4. I somehow found the time to get fit in spite of all the chaos. I started jogging and swimming last Christmas break. However, life got in the way, and I wasn’t able to do that anymore once school started. By the end of summer, I became gym member. Even though I countered all my progress by stress-eating and drinking lots and lots towards the end of the year, I still feel stronger and better than before.
  5. I found true friends. I don’t really know how I found the time to have a social life during the chaotic semester in between applying for an organization, doing work for another, stressing about academics, studying numbers, doing RRLs, revising proposals, and preparing for reports, but I actually did have a really good social life. Beyond the facade of having a healthy social life, I now know that I have true friends.
  6. I now have a clearer picture of what I want to do in the future. Actually, I’m not really sure about this. But I do know I have more options now! I made a flexible life plan as well!
  7. I had many moments that made me feel alive. Some of them are the following: 2am drives home, finishing a group paper a few minutes before the deadline, late night non-alcohol induced nights of chatting while crying and laughing, alcohol-induced nights of crying and laughing, beach trips, partying, and long bus rides alone.

See, Anna. It was’t that horrible. Even if it was, the good things that came out of it wouldn’t have been as meaningful.

2015 was the year that broke me piece by piece, so I can rebuild myself from scratch. Each heartbreak and each rejection is a redirection to somewhere, something, or someone that I would soon see.


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