writer’s block

ugh.. failed attempts to write…

i can’t even finish one blog entry.

i got writer’s block.

my writing skills seem to have gone on vacation with me.


doomed? an update

yay! i’m exempted in all the the subjects ūüėÄ except MATH, my waterloo. gosh, i can’t get anything there.¬†

today,¬†exemptions¬†were announced. i got soo excited that i forgot to check what grade column i’m looking at. i just assumed they were all the same. okay, NOT. turns out, the only thing i got is my general average for each of the subjects. GREAT. then, i thought of this very amazing wonderful extraordinary supercalifragalisticexpialidotious idea (i’m being sarcastic, of course). since i had my third grading report card with me, i decided to solve for my fourth grading grades. in short, i used the solving for x in a linear one variable equation lesson from MATH. wooow. well, i hope it’s correct and that i used it correctly. i mastered that skill anyway. i’m really happy with the results i got. i hope they’re correct, though. one of them is just too good to be true. oh well, can’t do anything now. i signed the exemptions paper already. awww, i wish they gave us at least a night to think about it. well, for most it’s an easy¬†decision,¬†really. i hope i did the right thing.

good thing math is on the last day. i’ve got a two day vacation to study all of it. i also promised to the Lord that i would go to church every day until the testing day for a mass or at least a visit. i’m really nervous about it. ūüėź Lord, please help me! my class standing in math is so lowwwwwwww, seriously low. i don’t wanna say goodbye to my eagle and everything else i worked for this year. giving of report cards is on april 8 while summer workshops start on april 5, right after holy week which starts right after school ends.

after this it’s summer which i’m having a hard time thinking about since i learned of my math class standing. i can’t slip this time. i NEED this. summer? i’d be in workshop mondays to fridays just like school ūüėÄ only more fun (waaaay, more funnn) :). i’ve really been looking forward to this vacation ūüôā i surely hope it’s fun filled!¬†

it’s so easy to tell your friends to just forget about some jerk. when you do it yourself, it’s not so easy after all.

may you have a blessed Holy Week

that’s all for now!!!!

goodnight! i’m gonna shower then sleep now.

big day ahead of me tomorrow, you know!

it’s gonna start with the morning mass then i’m gonna get those numbers right!

i’m doomed

okay, so for the first time ever, i shall make a post filled with my ranting. this is a tribute to my friend marielle also known as rukama here in the wordpress world. please forgive my wrong punctuation, grammar, and capitalization. i’m way too stressed out to look at any of that. so i’m already assuming a lot of the things in this blog are going to be wrong.

ack. i just feel really doomed okay? 

why do schools have so many subjects in their curriculum? i feel like a thin piece of paper about to be torn apart because there are lots of subjects fighting for my attention. i thought the fourth grading is supposed to be really smooth sailing and the time where you basically do nothing much academic. oh yeah right. think again. it’s the complete opposite. there are so many new lessons. we didn’t even discuss these things in grade school. so i completely have no idea with these things. my math anxiety is kicking in. i seriously don’t understand anything. i’m even worse at it (this applies to all subjects) when i’m sleepy. i cant think straight when i’m sleepy. but i’m always sleepy, even when i do get enough sleep, that’s kinda rare though.¬†

it also seems that my motivation is somehow not as effective anymore. you know, my power to motivate myself. there used to be this driving force for me to do my best. i think it’s on vacation again. anyway, even when i do my best, the situation probably wouldn’t be far from the current one. the only difference is that i’d have a reason to do all this and that i’d feel empowered to. good thing that doing my best is already a part of me, or else i would be even more doomed.¬†

the http://cakewalks.wordpress.com is due today, and yet we are far from the required number of comments, views, and fans. nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! i did my best, but it just wont pull through

i got lots to do. it’s 1:30 am. i’m ranting to my blog…¬†

i am soo looking forward to summer. i have so many plans to unfold. 

i can’t rest on the last week of school yet.¬†exemptions¬†for the periodical tests are to be released this week. i’m a candidate for¬†exemption¬†for each one of them except math, the subject where i need it the most. i hope i get¬†exempted. fourth quarter is really hard. initially, i planned to take them all in an attempt to raise my grade. but¬†apparently, the lessons are so hard. i might just pull my grades down taking the test or retain them… so i made the¬†decision¬†not to take them in the even that i do get exempted. let me exempted in science and english, please? i really need it there. the lessons are not only hard in the fourth quarter, there are also a lot of topics covered.¬†

wish me luck.

lots of love,

migiaj x3

when is one a playboy?

playboys. sigh. aren’t they those heartless insensitive jerks who collect girls and even have more than one “relationship” at a time? okay, so we all know that part of it. my question is the bounds of it? when can we safely say that one is a playboy?

what if a guy just happens to like a girl. it also just happens that she isn’t the first one and that she wasn’t the first to hear the words she heard. is one automatically a playboy? the guy doesn’t two time. he also shows care and concern. is he collecting or did he just fall in love with all of them?

he doesn’t force himself into anything, but…¬†


i’m totally lost. to trust your gut or to trust your heart? the bounds of a term like playboy isn’t exactly clear.¬†

now, if we were all picky, thinking before each and every step, then nothing would happen to anyone, huh? if this is how we will view it, then no one will ever love, no one will ever listen to their heart. 

what’s your view? what do you think of this?

oh my gulay

i feel like fainting. like right now! i don’t know if i could accomplish our cle project. as much as i would want to promote the advocacy myself in my own will, we have a deadline, and the point system is just — hmmm… i hope it’s possible.

countless post ideas and come ons and countless desperate scenarios of gathering subsribers are flooding my head right now. oh my! i don’t know if everything could happen that fast. i need two thousand subscribers.! the deadline is the first week of march, 2010. it’s february 9 in a few minutes, so that doesn’t give me much time.¬†

whatever happens, i hope all my effort will be worth it…


at least i’m having the weekend — no actually, just an overnight stay— in subic on the twentieth. time flies so fast.¬†

so, this is the disadvantage of the exemption thing… early deadlines….

brain, please work with me.

why this blog is gonna come to life

this blog is gonna come to life, i’m telling you that. it will. it will. it will.

i’m really entranced into this wordpress thing because even if it’s too formal and monochromatic and adult-ish for my personality, my friend Marielle is here, our project is in here, and i’m really intrigued by these blogs i saw with passwords in order for you to view them.

i really love writing. 

i thought i like xanga more because it’s so awesome, but anywhoo…

yay! welcome to my wordpress!

—still intrigued by blogging with a password—-

i can finally rant online! hahahaha… anyway… nothing too personal here. i got a diary for that.

more than the usual christmas break

it’s christmas break once again, a very good time to enjoy the holidays and soak up the christmas-y breeze. for the busy bee, this is also a good time to do some work that doesn’t exactly require much “work”, more like recreational stuff, i guess, and working while relaxing, if there is such a thing.

the day after school ended for the holidays, i realized that i don’t really do much aside from schoolwork. why and how? when i was just watching t.v., i got this urge to pick up that science book in front of me and advance read.¬†

like whaaaat????!

i decided that this christmas break, i’m gonna continue learning, but without the use of textbooks, like actually experiencing things. if one works too much, one could suffer brain damages.

okay, so here are some things i want to achieve in the span of two weeks:
 learn to sing two songs: amazing grace and all alone 
 do some stretching so i could get taller and be somewhere nearer to achieving a split
writing in my diary a lot
 exploring the net
 cleaning my room once and for all!
 last but not the least, the most important thing actually, HAVING FUN!

so, yeah. i’m gonna get to it!
merry christmas

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